Practice Areas

Board and Governance Advisory

High performing organisations are led by high performing, well governed Boards.

We work with Boards and Executive Teams to develop and adopt integrated, fit-for-purpose governance models and frameworks to optimise their value to their organisation.

In our experience, high performing organisations are led by high performing, well governed Executive Teams and Boards.

Across the globe, organisations seek Executives and Board Directors with diversity of experience, perspectives, cultures, gender and age to work together effectively.

Operations and Asset Optimisation

Optimum operational and asset productivity delivered over the whole asset lifecycle.

We can accelerate your operational and asset productivity and performance by improving your strategies, capability, processes and systems.

World-class operations and asset management practices require the effective planning, acquisition, operation, maintenance and disposal of assets to meet current and future business demands over the whole of asset lifecycle.

Organisational Effectiveness

Distinctive and sustainable performance is achieved by aligning strategy, organisational architecture, capability, leadership and culture.

Organisations perform at their highest levels when they design and link their architecture, processes, systems and people capabilities to support strategic priorities. They have the right people with the right capabilities in the right place doing the right work, at the right time.

Leaders play a pivotal role in organisational success.

IG Partners works with clients to positively shift behaviour, energy and culture, as well as the systems to guide new ways of working that will unlock the full potential of your team or entire organisation.

Our deep functional experience and change management expertise ensures that your transformation efforts are successful and sustainable.

Value Maximisation

Improved commercial competitiveness and the right business decisions lead to superior performance and sustainable growth.

Forward thinking organisations make cost and investment decisions now to position themselves for standout performance and growth.

IG Partners quickly improves our clients’ cost and commercial competitiveness and enables them to make the right strategic and investment decisions for near-term performance and sustainable growth.

We will work with you on strategic planning, risk management, cost reduction, capital prioritisation and management, project management and delivery, financial analysis, contracting strategies, external spend analysis, supplier and contract performance management, support of outsourcing and business performance reporting and analysis.